Enjoy it peeps.

Yes no pun intended! When you get to experience an Open workout with no squatting in it, enjoy that thing! I tell ya from my perspective, often the most devastating and turrible, yes turrible, open workouts involve thrusters, front squats or over head squats…..dirty. I”m giving away a bit of my preferences here clearly but still, they hurt. So here is another fun without squatting but don’t get too used to it. It’s a comin’!
Strict Press
Super set with
3×6 Strict Pull up
**Add weight if easy, no kip**
Amrap 18 minutes of:
·       15 Box Jumps (M=24″, F=20″) box
·       12 Push Press (M=115lbs, F=75lbs)
·       9 Toes-to-bar