But can you muscle up though?

We haven’t seen this movement in the Open for 2 years but we all know it’ll come back.
The value in learning this is very high. Many people don’t see the value though, why? They think or assume it is some “fitness trick” they think they’ll never use it. But it is as functional as a bar muscle up and the skills transfer to any task where you need to go up and over something!
The truth is that if we can do a ring muscle up, we are pretty skilled. And skills believe it or not are a HUGE part of your value as a human. Learning and mastering new skills will keep you young and also alive. So don’t bash something because it’s new or hard. Try it, be angry and frustrated you can’t do it, never stop pursuing it. BUT also understand the muscle up is a lifetime pursuit for many. As many find CrossFit into late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s the chances drop lower and lower of us finding mastery before our end of days here on earth. I know, I know, sounds grim, but its true! But so what! We scale this movement just like we would any other and do the best to progress to getting it the best we can.
You see in your pursuit of a high skill like the ring muscle up. You will develop several ring dips, several more strict and kipping pull ups and also a much deeper range of motion. The truth is, just like pursuing a faster mile time, the closer you get to ring muscle ups the better you’ll look with your clothes off. I mention that simply because that is the goal most of ya’ll have. ; )
Go hard and scale accordingly. Ask coach’s for help and learn and practice before the workout today! You could be closer than you think!
KB Swing x 20 (53/35) *vertical*
Wall Ball x 40
Ring Muscle Up x 10
14 minute amrap