18.2 and 18.2A

I’m not going to say I told ya so, but it was close. haha.
The front squats and HSPU’s we visited from Monday weren’t spot on. But they did follow the general outline I provided.
-short time domain
-Squatting movement
-Ascending rep scheme
BUT, it definitely didn’t include the max lift that is there at the end!
I LOVE this workout. Unlike in the past when we  did a heavy lift, you can’t just lolligag on the first part and then smoke a big lift. If you ain’t fit, you don’t get to lift. And the faster you can go the more time you have!
My advice:
Go, don’t be scarred. You won’t fail a DB squat, so stand up and squat down. Don’t think it won’t hurt, it will….but you like it. ; )  So go.
Steady on the burpee’s for most. Be consistent with your foot work, remember review the standards, they are different this year than in years past!
Transitions are important folks! Don’t get caught up in taking your time in the early rounds! You’ll lose precious time!
On the clean I’d start around 75-80% for most. You may not have as much time as you think! The fitter athletes that will finish below  6-7 minutes can start around 65-70% and plan for 1 to 2 more extra attempts!
18.2 will BURN! Go, go, go!