Flow it out.

Flow could also be defined as long and slow. There certainly is a time and place for this style of training and in fact could be what is missing from your week to week regime. So maybe you shouldn’t always just sit out on Thursdays! I say this because most Crossfitter’s (Not all) have no desire to do long slow type of conditioning. What I mean when I refer to this is like 2 hour hikes, run a 5k, row a 5k or more, or bike 20+ miles at a time. This is notoriously very boring to most of you whom prefer to do HIIT style training like what CrossFit usually provides. Without this style of training though we can leave a very large hole in our fitness. Yes you won’t be great at longer workouts but the truth is that you will recover less efficiently. Throwing in long slow work 1-2 days a week will help you produce high amounts of red blood cells, help repair tendon and joint health (as long as your form of it isn’t always running, yes the pounding does add up) and it helps you even recover in between training sessions just through building a larger aerobic base.
The value of these flow sessions that I provide is that they put your body through its full end range of movement. We move with control but purpose and we also still go through several, sometimes hundred muscle contractions but without creating more soreness. We also focus on movement planes that we often over look in our style of training in order maximize the intensity results. So there are several reasons you shouldn’t sit out on flow days. The last big one though it will help continue to lower body fat. Long slow exercise can be the missing link on your metabolism. When we get used to 1 gear and that gear is super fast, your body gets really good at living there. Take back the intensity and go longer and slower. It may seem like an easy session, and it is….but the physical results can really show over time!
24 minute amrap
Turkish Get up x 6 (3 each arm)
Bent Row x 12 each arm (Same weight as TGU)
HR Push Up x 12
L sit: :30
Run 400/ or Row 500
Russian twist x 24