Sore or Naw?

We did 3 different types of pulling yesterday and a lot of jumping. From what I heard and saw it was either a loved workout or a hated workout! ha. Either way it was productive! There were fitness gains yesterday for sure.
Recovery is a key aspect of being able to continue the growth! I suggest a hot bath, with epsom salt! And sure….let’s ahead and throw on some music and a candle or two…..what?! Yes, boys like it too thank you! But truly, pretty much a full bag of epsom salt + the water being as hot as you can tolerate has been a key staple in my recovery through the past 2 years. 2x a week when I”m training hard is definitely a worthy experiment if you’ve never tried it. It sets you up for a great relaxed night of sleep too! Well, that plus “Relax” from FNX of course. Side Bar: We have actually had people write into us saying they got off of prescription sleep medication by using our “natural” sleep alternative from our line! Super encouraging. Just thought I’d make a shameless plug!
EMOTM x 10
3 Hang Squat Snatch
Power Snatch x 6 (115/85)
HSPU x 9
Pistol x 12
12 minute amrap