“Berries make me feel alive” – Me

This is a random but genuine post. A quote that may be said at the Conway household second to “I love you”….of course : )….is “Berries make me feel alive”. Why? Because they do! I could eat a bunch of junk, candy, fried food, a glass of wine and feel bloated and go eat some berries and feel amazing. Truly, my favorites of choice are raspberries and blue berries. My wife makes fun of me for saying it, but she knows its my favorite food.

The point to post about this is your reminder to EAT REAL, RAW FOOD. Yes, food quality matters and when you are uncertain and you think you are making the right choice to just eat meat and cheese because it is macro friendly…..don’t be fooled. You need raw, clean, organic, veggies and fruits, they will help keep your heart pumping strong, and you body externally and internally younger! Eat the real stuff!

:30 on / :30 off x4 Rounds

*Score is lowest meters


AMRAP 8 minutes 12/10 cal Row

6 Hang power snatch (115/75)

Rest 3 min

AMRAP 8 minutes 12/10 cal Row

12 DB Snatch (50/35)