Butts and Guts.

Any sound strength and conditioning program is build from the core, to the legs, to the upper body. This is often symbolic through my programming. I love to start the week emphasizing the musculature ¬†that will play the most significant role in our performance and physique. The most common error in the “globo” gym approach is Monday is chest day! haha. JK, kind of, there is nothing wrong with this, but it usually goes to show the priority. If you build conviction on training your legs as your most focused body part your physique will reflect the most fit version you can pursue! It is how to train for health, wellness and physique most efficiently!
Tomorrow we have lots of back squats! Yes, all of these are working sets. That set of 10 in the middle should be as close to the set of “5” you started with as possible, and the same for all the ladder sets. If you however don’t struggle on the back half to match what you did on the front…..you’re soft like charming and were afraid of a little struggle. (Muah!) Have a great week!
Back Squat
100 Abmat Sit ups for time.
EMOTM: 5 burpees!