Local Muscles

Legs should be feeling it pretty good at this point, if they don’t, they will tomorrow…..or you just went to light yesterday! None the less today we will target our upper body and blend them together in the conditioning.
Today’s EMOTM is a unique stimulus. The goal for you as an athlete is to load the bar with something you know you can 5 strict press with, but then keep the load the same through the rest of the round for the 10 push press and the 15 push jerk. After you get to the “rest” each round you can add weight or take away.  The primary focus of this is to develop local muscle endurance in your shoulders and triceps, however, there is significant skill to be gained here by means of push press and push jerk efficiency! The better you learn to use your hips and your legs and execute a great receiving position for the push jerk, the easier the complex will be for you and the more weight you’ll be able to add to the bar.
There are many of you whom struggle with the push jerk. Swallow your pride, stay light, get better at that movement today and improve technique, your overall gains will go up because of it. Trust the process, improve. Quality over quantity for this one!
Then……you sprint as fast as you can in the WOD, plenty of rest in this one, you should feel like each round is a literal RACE!
EMOTM x 20:
1.5x strict Press
2.10x Push Press
3.15 x Push Jerk
60 yards (10 yrd x 6)
Pull Up x 12
Rest 2:00
5 rounds for time.