Breathing work

This is my favorite type of training. I think it is more uncommon than common in our sport. But I really enjoy running, rowing, biking, swimming or skiing on an erg or outside. Most people seem to really enjoy the grind of heavy weights, and I like that too, but then they don’t enjoy “cardio” as much. My ideal day would start with about 20-60 minutes of cardio and then have a harder training session of weights and CrossFit style training later when my body is more awake and prepared for the intensity. For years this is how I trained for the sport of CrossFit as well, it brings along great amounts of fitness.
Today we will go long and hard. The goal is to attack this as if it were a race. Have in your mind a wise pace to start and do what you can in order to hold onto that tempo for dear life in each of the successive rounds! Consistency through each round will reflect a good time. Coming out too “hot” or fast will lead you to blow up and drastically slow down, this will significantly lower the power output by increasing your overall working time and then reduce the results as a consequence. Coming out too slow can be just as detrimental!
Have fun and let’s see what you can do!
300m row
400 m run
6 rounds for time!