Clarity and Focus

Clarity defined is, clearness in understanding and freedom from ambiguity.  Focus defined is, a central point of attention, a point of directed attention.  No two words better describe my state of mind when I am on top of my game, on point, and doing my greatest work.  Professionally and personally my successes are directly linked to my Clarity and Focus on my goals, tasks, the matters at hand, and the people in my life.

I have come to realize that part of my obsession with CrossFit is directly related to the Clarity and Focus the gym provides me.  When I walk into a CrossFit gym, especially WCF, the WOD is clear, what I need to do is clear, and at least for an hour out of my day I am extremely Focused on what is in front of me.  The best part of it all is CrossFit offers us the opportunity, without much thought, to be Clear and Focused on our physical health, it only asks that we attend and give effort!

When I purchased Wasatch CrossFit a few years back I was Focused and Clear on the direction I wanted to take the gym.  I instantly fell in love with the Community that is WCF and you the awesome members that make up the core of the gym.  With everyone’s support we quickly gave the gym a bit of a shot in the arm and watched the gym grow.  We have made some improvements to the gym and more are to come.  We watched, mostly in awe, and cheered along the Wasatch Brutes on their journey to become the Fittest Team in The World!  We have seen babies born, with more to come, watched some members come and go, thrown a few cream pies, made some sweat angles, raised money for good causes and had a few cocktails along the way.  😲 I really never knew what a positive effect WCF would have on my life.  I tell people all the time we have some of the coolest and fittest people I have ever had the pleasure of being around!  You guys seriously ROCK!

The past six months I have spent several hours (usually on the road) thinking about the direction of the gym and what the next steps need to be for our awesome box.  I admit I haven’t had the Focus and Clarity on exactly what the next steps should be, however, that has changed:)  Adrian Conway and I have mutually agreed that the timing is right for Adrian to break his professional ties with Wasatch CrossFit.  As most all of you know Adrian has had some great opportunities come to fruition with FNX and Brute, opportunities that require his full attention.  Adrian has been a huge part of the success of Wasatch CrossFit for several years and he will be missed.  We have been fortunate to learn from Adrian and because of him we are all better athletes.  We wish him all the luck in the world and expect him to drop in from time to time to say hello.  Please send him your well wishes as he moves forward full time with his other responsibilities.

With the closure of the Adrian chapter I am so excited to announce the hiring of Chans Porter as our full time head coach!  Chans and his mullet 😉 will be joining us as our head coach and will be in charge of the programming, training, and the overall health of our athletes.  Chans will work with myself, Carson, and Jenn to implement some new programs and events at the gym.  I have watched Chans interactions with you the members over the past few months and feel his energy, knowledge, attitude, and experience are just what WCF needs to regain it’s Clarity and Focus as a top level CrossFit Gym.  I have seen how the members respond to his great attitude and care for you as members.  I have noticed a spike in the energy at the gym.  I’m excited to have him officially on board and more involved in our gym.   I’m also hopeful his dreamy looks may attract more members, at a minimum I expect the 9:00 a.m. class to grow in size!  hehe

Chans is a great coach!  He has and will continue to fit in well with our other great coaches.  I look forward to his leadership as our head coach and the Clarity and Focus he will bring to the Community, your training, and your overall experience at the gym.  Chans will be full time and WCF will have his undivided attention.  Chans, Carson, and Jenn have some great ideas to help grow our Community.  Chans programming from what I have seen will no doubt be top notch and continue to push you as the members to new levels of fitness.  Please join me in congratulating him and welcoming him to Wasatch CrossFit.

I really feel we will see a bump in your overall experience at the gym and we will work to bring about more changes in the coming months.  This change has brought some Clarity and Focus to where the gym needs to be and I’m confident the change will be a positive step towards a better box.  We/I love you all and can’t thank you enough for your support, attendance, and attitudes at the gym.  Personally and professionally I have had some changes in my life that will allow me to be at the gym more frequently, and I can’t wait to spend more time around you and suffer through more WOD’s!

Show up, give effort, and have some fun.  We will provide the Clarity and Focus you need, at least for an hour:)