The End of an Era.

Well, just like that I am no longer your fearless leader. I’ve hardly been around the last 6 months due to my obligations else where which ultimately has lead us to the necessary transition.  I have had the honor to be the Wasatch CrossFit head coach since 2014 and been coaching here since 2012. I have loved every class and every moment. This community is the reason I have grown so much as a human and as a leader and coach. Most of you have seen me “grow up” to say the least. I am thankful for every relationship I’ve developed in the past 6 years and cherish even the shortest of them.

All good things must come to an end. I’ve lately found myself trying to depict this to my Wife (poor woman always has me trying to teach her something) but just the beauty of the moment because we know it is fleeting. This is the beauty of life, and seasons and time and relationships and everything, we are not eternal by body and this allows for unique satisfaction and or fear to anticipate everything is short lived the good and the bad. I am sad to leave as the head coach, but it is time. Over the past 6 months it has become harder and harder for me to be involved and the community deserves the head coach’s full attention and certainly the ability to be integrated within the community more than I have been! Ya’ll are being left with the best coaching staff in the world, I’m biased and a great new addition in Chans as the head coach! Chans was one of the very first athletes I ever did personal programming for back in 2014 before brute strength was ever even a THING. I’ve seen him grow in knowledge and experience over the years, he knows his stuff. Trust his opinion and milk his brain when you have questions, he can answer them. And, I ain’t going no where! I’m just so busy I can’t be what you all deserve right now, so we will still be living in Layton and I’ll still be coming in to train and visit every now again and crash some events and parties!

Going forward remember these things. CrossFit isn’t a fitness program, it is a lifestyle. It is something that is built upon a community. You make up that community. It doesn’t matter what is developed in the next few years by ways of technology or “new” fads, nothing can touch what we have built here. This gym will thrive as long as you all sustain as the pillar. When new people walk in the gym greet them, get to know them, and if you don’t like them…realize they will either become cool like you or they won’t last. Truly, the nice thing about this gym is that we have weeded out the “cancers”. That is what good community does, we have never EVER turned anyone away…..but you either become a better human or you don’t last here. Thank you for making that possible, it has made my time with you all very fulfilling. I love to compete, and I love to coach competitors, but….it doesn’t even come close to the joy I have had to watch many of you get your first pull ups, muscle ups, hand stand push ups, set new PR’s….actually talk to someone (yes thats a PR for some of ya’ll)! The times have been great, and I’ll miss having the class time interactions with you all, I”ll just stick to trolling most of you on social media and the FB page! No worries.


I love you all. Keep choosing to do hard things, thats what makes you a cool human.