Change Is Scary

By now most of you know of the changes that have been made. Some of you may be a bit worried about what will be happening with the changes.

Like most things changes can be scary. Sometimes changes aren’t what people were wanting or needed. And sometimes change can be the best thing. I want you all to know that we don’t plan on changing! The goal will be the same. We want you guys to come in here and have the best hour of your day! We want you to leave happier, healthier, and fitter then you were when you walked in.

We will still be doing CrossFit just like any other day. You will do constantly varied, functional movements, at a high intensity, across modal domains. The goal is to have everyone be good at everything! We want to run a sub 6 minute mile, walk on our hands for 100′, back squat 400#, do 50 unbroken pullups, the list goes on and on! We want all of these things! The crazy thing about CrossFit is it works. You work on your weaknesses, your strengths get stronger. Just like the video talks about below we want you guys to have GPP. We want you to continue to progress as years go by. And how do we do this? By not becoming a specialist. We want to not only be good with a barbell, but good with a dumbbell, and kettlebell, and with just running or rowing and just bodyweight. We want it all, and to get it all, we have to practice it all!

So even though it may seem like this big change, you will still be doing what has always been done. Learning from some of the best coaches around, getting fitter, and have fun while doing it!

As far as today goes, the real question is who has the grip to hold on? Who can recover quickly enough to keep the numbers high on the tail end? Can over 100 pullups be done? Only time will tell!

MONDAY 4/16/18

1. 3 rounds for reps
100 Double unders
21 KBS 53/35
max pullups with remaining time
*Rest 1:00 between rounds. Score is total pullups

2. Accessory
50-75 GHD sit up
50-75 Hip extensions