Where are the barbells?

Some of you might be bummed to see a workout like this written up. Chances are those are the people who are good with a barbell. Maybe you’re one of the ones who hate running. Maybe it’s rowing instead. Maybe it’s the fact that movements like this don’t allow for much rest. Some of you might think you just suck at these movements. Chances are you just don’t want to work on this stuff because it’s considered “boring”. It’s not really the “sexy” stuff of crossfit. But these things can help your fitness more than anything around. If you haven’t figured out by now, crossfit will show you what you aren’t good at. The key to getting better is to work on those things you aren’t good at. So I challenge you guys to show up and work on this stuff. If it scares you, good! If you don’t think it looks fun, even better, it means you need it. You don’t think it’s fun because you aren’t good at those things. Maybe it’s the movement itself, or the fact of you not knowing how to pace. Not saying that you have to go super easy on a workout like this, but you do have to know your limits. If I go into this workout all out, chances are i’m not going to last more than a couple of minutes. Try starting out a little slower than you think you should. If worst comes to worst, you can always end up speeding it up.

Along with pacing, mentally this is taxing on people. Negative self talk can ruin you in a workout more than anything else. Keep positive thoughts going, cue yourself on things you can fix or things you’re doing good at. Challenge yourself to hold onto a pace or to keep moving. Don’t be thinking “poor picked on me”. Positive thoughts go along way!


Feel like you need to build a bigger “engine” or “base” after hitting a workout like this. Take a listen to the podcast!


 TUESDAY 4/17/18

1. 3 rounds for time:
400m run
30 Calorie row
15 Burpees
*20 min cut off

2. Accessory:
Heaviest turkish get up in 10 min (both arms)