The Bar Muscle up

The video above might be able to help some of you who maybe need a little more work on the bar muscle up. Obviously you have to have some strength required in order to get a movement like this. A “foundation” some might say. But one thing to keep in mind is that learning the bar muscle up itself or learning how to kip correctly and get your hips to the bar is a SKILL. And this may sound a bit crazy, but do you know how you work on skills? I’ll give you a hint, you don’t work on them with a high heart rate in a workout when you’re tired. You work on skills with a low heart rate and low fatigue. And you practice those skills over and over again. Once those skills become second nature, then you can add in a heavy heart rate or add them into a workout.

Think of it like this: if you wanted to snatch 185# but you could only snatch 155#, you wouldn’t put 185# on the bar and try and do snatches in the middle of a workout right? Same exact think when it comes to skills like this and others (pistols, ring muscle ups, dips, hspu, HS walking, etc). We need to understand how silly it would be if we did that with weightlifting movements, and then apply that with gymnastic movements. So if you have muscle ups, go for it today. If you do not have muscle ups, well bite the bullet and do the scaling options, and then maybe make a goal to work on bar muscle ups for a month straight. 5 minutes a day over a month is a lot of time. You’d be surprised how much can be accomplished over a month period. But you have to be committed, and you have to understand the steps of working them with a low heart rate before making it more difficult!

MONDAY 5/7/18

For time:
21/15/9- Thruster 95/65
9/7/5- Bar Muscle up
*12 min cut off

4-6 sets:
10 Barbell bent over row
10 Bottoms up KB press/side