Age Group Qualifier 18.4

Today we get to test out a workout that some of the Teenager’s and Master’s got to hit to see if they would qualify for the games. Nothing crazy about a workout like this, reps are short, weight is moderately heavy, and it’s only 5 minutes, how bad could it be?

The pace today is go, push it and if you blow up, who cares, that’s what training is for. If you know something is going to give you some trouble (HSPU or snatch) then be smart about it. Go singles or small reps on hspu and keep the pace quick. 5 minutes goes by pretty fast.

And for those of you who want a bit of a push, the best scores for the 35-39 year olds were 107 reps for guys and 104 reps for gals. That’s over 5 rounds, so you gotta be moving!

TUESDAY 5/8/18

“Age Group Qualifier 18.4”
6 Burpee over barbell
3 Snatch 165/115

3-5 sets:
20yd Heavy sled push
40yd Single arm OH carry/side
40yd Double Farmer carry