Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there! Hopefully you spent the day doing things you love! And hopefully you had everything catered to you, because you guys deserve it! Without mothers we wouldn’t be here so thank you for all that you guys do!

Today we got a fast little burner. The reps are short, weight is on the lighter side, so the goal is to move through this bad boy at a blistering pace. And sometimes when that happens peoples movement pattern tends to get pretty sloppy. Sometimes you need to think of working out much like typing on a computer. You want to be fast, but if you go too fast then you mess up a lot, and if you go too slow then it takes forever. We want to be on that line of sometimes we might mess up a little but mostly moving fast and efficient, without many mess ups. And if you get bored you can always watch below and learn something new. It’s a little on the older side but still worth the info. Because let’s face it, we can always move better than we are.

MONDAY 5/14/18

10 Burpee over bar
10 Power clean 135/95
10 Box jump 24/20

Gymnastic Strength
5-6 sets:
3 weighted pullups
3 weighted ring dips