So today we get to test out some heavy lifting, with some gymnastic skills. This is a great format for you to not be too fatigued so we can lift heavy, but also give us some time to work on some skills. I encourage you to watch the video below, i’m sure you’ve probably heard a coach say a couple of these cues (I hope!). But sometimes it just takes hearing someone else say it for it to make sense.

Like we’ve said before kipping is a skill, and skills tend to take practice, and practice is done at a low heart rate. Today we shouldn’t be breathing crazy hard so we can hopefully get some good skills practice in. Make sure you pick a number you could hit each time! Don’t be that person that starts out way to hot, and then blows up and starts to look sloppy. Be smart about your choices here!

If you already know how to kip and you’re basically a pro, then it’s time to work on the strict version. Same thing applies here, pick a rep scheme you can hit each time and then make every rep look amazing. The best in the world make every rep look flawless, that should be your goal as well.

And above all else, have fun!

TUESDAY 5/15/18

20 EMOM:
Min 1) 3 Back squat
Min 2) 5-10 hspu (strict or kip)
*70-80% good starting place for back squat. Can build if you’d like