Most people don’t know who Justin Thacker, but the dude is super smart. Many of you might know who Barbell Shrugged is, if you don’t you should check them out. Have a bunch of podcasts out, and their main focus was crossfit so you tend to get a lot of good info.

Anyway, Justin Thacker runs the “Lab Gym” they have some crossfit and strongman but he mainly focuses on weightlifting. Since we will be snatching today figured I throw in this warm up and maybe you guys can explore a few videos and watch all 4 parts to the warm up. Your coach will probably have their own specific warm up for you but it’s always good to learn. And who knows maybe you can use this workout another day when you have to snatch outside of the class. Don’t ever think you’re too good for a warm up! And crazy enough, when you do EMOM’s and add slowly or get the heart rate up with some EMOM’s you tend to lift and feel better. Blood flow will always make things feel better!


10 EMOM:
1 Power snatch + 1 Hang power snatch
*Can build but keep it pretty

For time:
40 Alt. DB snatch (AHAP)
50 Dubs (100)
100m run
30 Alt. DB snatch
50 Dubs
200m run
20 Alt. DB snatch
50 Dubs
400m run
*15 min cap
**RX+ 70/53 KB snatch, alt. arms every 5 reps