No flow, just go

Okay some of you may have it ingrained in your head that Thursday’s are “flow days”. Well even though we aren’t lifting a barbell today and basically the efforts are short duration, some might believe this is another “flow day”.

The goal we have for today is for you guys to put forth as much intensity as possible on the rower. We want you to pull the faster you have ever pulled on the rower. Every second will matter here, so maybe watch the videos below to get some help with rowing. I know a few tend to struggle with rowing and generally it’s just a position issue. And then when you start to add speed (think max effort), that’s when things tend to get even worse. So watch and learn, who knows might find something you’re doing that can make you better at rowing?

And who know’s maybe we’ll see some times like this??

THURSDAY 5/17/18

5 sets:
100m row
*The time it takes you to row 100m, that’s how many burpees you must do before rowing again. Rest as needed between efforts. Score is burpees each round
*30 min cap

75-100 Hip extensions
2:00 Weighted plank 45/25