Barbara? Maybe coaches choice??

Another Friday has come upon us. Which is good news, because that means the weekend is finally here! And Regionals are this weekend, and since they’re in SLC I assume everyone who’s anyone is going right?? Well hopefully we see some familiar faces there over the weekend! I always love regional’s season. Sometimes I think it’s even better than the games. Reason being I considered it to be like March Madness. The Games are like the pro’s where sometimes they’ve made it to the Games and that was their goal. Where as with Regionals everyone is going hard because everybody wants to get to the Games. You see people go to some pretty dark places, which is great seeing people suffer, because you know what they’re going through!

Today you might get to hit an old school workout. If you do, give this workout what it deserves, which is straight intensity. Go hard, don’t try and “pace” this. If you blow up, who cares. How many are fit enough to hold on to big sets and move quicker for every round? I mean 3:00 rest is quite a bit, should allow you time to recover right? Only time will tell. If you don’t hit this workout, still have some fun and hit whatever the coach has for you! Either way have some fun and enjoy the weekend to come!

The video below was done in 2010. Range of motion may be a tad sketchy, but none the less 8 years ago. Can you beat the dude who did it 8 years ago? Pat Barber was a pretty damn fit dude, so there’s your challenge if you hit it.

FRIDAY 5/18/18

5 rounds for time:
20 Pullups
30 Pushups
40 Abmat situps
50 Air squats
*Rest 3:00 btwn rounds.
**40 min cap

Coaches Choice