Friday Motivation

Friday is finally here! Nothing better then when a Friday hits. Hopefully you guys have something fun planned over the weekend? Or maybe just chill and watch Regionals?

Even though it is Friday, this podcast below has some serious knowledge bombs and some good motivation. Maybe I should post this on a Monday to start the week off right, but my hopes is that with it being the weekend, you might be able to find some times and listen to it? Granted it’s close to 2 hours long, but it’s worth it. So take a listen over the weekend, and who knows, maybe it will make Monday not so bad? Might have a little more pep in your step?? Have a good weekend!

FRIDAY 6/1/18

Build to a heavy single in 12 minutes:
1 Power snatch

For time:
Hang power snatch 75/55
Push press 75/55
*17 min cap

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