Monday Motivation

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Now we are back on the grind! Some of you might hate Monday’s, lack of motivation, maybe you just wish the weekend was a little longer. Others might love Monday’s. To each their own! But if you need a little inspiration, this can be a little bit of a “Monday Motivation”

Today we get to test some heavy lifting, and a little complex gymnastic movement. Most people can handle the handstand pushups, but add in a deficit and it can be a-whole-nother ballgame! If you need some tips maybe the video below can help? Maybe you can search and find some other videos that might help as well? There is a bunch of free information all over the place to help you along the way! Just know that if you plan on doing RX+, you better be able to handle it for both options! Get after it!

MONDAY 6/11/18

Heaviest complex in 12 minutes:
1 Squat clean + 1 Hang squat clean

7 rounds for time:
5 Squat clean 155/105  **185/120
5 HSPU  **Deficit 4″/3″
*15 min cap