Running Day Feels

I’m sure I will hear all about how we have to run today, but such is life! It’s good for you! You know, I know it, everyone knows it! I just want you guys to get some tan over the summer, just trying to help you guys out!

In all seriousness we talk about how running is important, and apart from having intensity in your workouts, building a “aerobic base” or “engine”, whatever you would like to call it. Is probably what will help you most in your CrossFit endeavor. Being able to breathe better during workouts would be a pretty awesome thing. I’m sure you guys have watched the games or regionals, and somehow those really fit people make working out look so easy don’t they? Could be because they can breathe a bit better than you guys. And I can bet they they would do a lot of the non sexy stuff no one likes to do (running, rowing, biking, burpees, sled, etc). But that’s the ticket! And if you don’t believe me, maybe one of the God’s for coaching games athletes will get you to believe it?

TUESDAY 6/12/18

For time:
50 KBS 53/35
800m Run
50 KBS 53/35

3-5 sets:
10 Single arm row/side
20yd Single arm Farmer carry/side
20yd Single arm Front rack carry/side