Is cold baths the way to go?

So you’ve probably read about ice baths and how important they are. But are they really that important. If you do your research on it so many people have their own opinions. Some say that ice baths or hot and cold showers are the best thing ever. Other’s say that the cold actually delay’s the process of recovery.

So who do you believe? Well if I knew I’d tell you! Part of me thinks that if you believe it works, then stick with it! If you think taking a cold shower or bath helps you recover, then why wouldn’t you do it? If you believe it, that’s all that matters! Sometimes the placebo effect is all that you need! But the video below does have some interesting thoughts about the ice bath. That maybe even if it doesn’t work you can still get some benefits from doing it. The sound is a bit horrible so that sucks but still worth the 13 minutes to watch it!

FRIDAY 6/29/18

Power Clean
*Keep them TNG

5 Power Clean 185/120 **205/135
10 Burpees Over Bar

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