Walking Lunge

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and is ready to get back to work! Should be a fun week planned! And I hope everyone will enjoy the holiday this week! Can’t complain having a day during the week to get together and eat some bad food right!

After we get some heavy lifting out of the way, we have a simple triplet, all bodyweight workout for you guys. Some of you might be able to cruise through this bad boy. Going sub 10 and maybe even faster than that! For those of you that are bodyweight ninja’s, go for it. Go out hot and try and hold on and see what happens. For those of you that are not so savvy in the bodyweight movements. You have some decisions to make.

So as most of you have probably noticed, we have time caps on workouts. Why do we do that? Well, the reason I put caps on workouts is for people to understand we expect the workout done under that time frame. So what does that mean? That means if you are getting over that cap quite a bit, you’re missing the boat on what we want to accomplish. Think of it this way, if someone does “Fran” in 2 minutes, and another person does “Fran” in 12 minutes. They just did 2 totally different workouts, even though the movements and everything was the same, because 1 did it in less than 3 minutes, intensities were high. The 1 doing it in 12 minutes, most likely rested quite a bit and didn’t have the strength or capacity to go any faster.

So the point i’m trying to make is we want everyone under the cap, and we want everyone to be experiencing the same workout. If you are going over the cap quite a bit, chances are you’re not scaling appropriately. You’re either going to heavy, to complex of movements or too high of reps.

Now I know what you’re thinking, that if you scale it you are getting worse. But you’d be wrong. If you are resting more than you are working when it comes to a workout, you aren’t getting fitter. That’s just the cold hard truth. The games athletes are resting a lot during workouts, if they were they wouldn’t be that fit. Continue to move or push the pace during a workout is what gets you the results you so badly want. So if people are finishing workouts in 10 minutes and it’s taking you 20 minutes, you’re basically resting twice as long as that person that finished in 10 minutes. So don’t be afraid to scale. We have an idea in mind of what kind of stimulus we want for the weekends, and if you aim to hit those stimulus’s, you will get fitter, it’s that simple. If you put forth intensity, you will get results!

So after that huge long rant, the point i’m making is if you aren’t a bodyweight ninja, maybe think about scaling the reps today. Or doing an easier option, and just going faster. You make think it’s dumb but just try it, chances are you will be shocked at the discomfort you’ll feel, but also the amazing results you’ll see! Don’t have an ego, listen to your coaches, and go fast. If you do that you’ll get where you want to go.

And even though this video has some horrible music, and it’s pretty hilarious to see this bad lunges, I’ve actually seen some of these in my day, so maybe it’s worth watching?? 🙂

MONDAY 7/2/18

10 EMOM:
2 Power Snatch (TNG)
*Can build but keep it pretty

For time:
100′ Walking Lunge, 21 Pullups, 21 Abmat Sit ups
100′ Walking Lunge, 18 Pullups, 18 Abmat Sit ups
100′ Walking Lunge, 15 Pullups, 15 Abmat Sit ups
100′ Walking Lunge, 12 Pullups, 12 Abmat Sit ups
100′ Walking Lunge, 9 Pullups, 9 Abmat Sit ups
100′ Walking Lunge, 6 Pullups, 6 Abmat Sit ups
100′ Walking Lunge, 3 Pullups, 3 Abmat Sit ups
*15 min cap