• Bring a Friend day is Thursday. All classes are free to try, the workout will have movements new people can do. Invite some friends and come have some fun!
  • Only 2 classes for the 4th of July. 6 and 8 am!

Hope everyone had an amazing Monday and hopefully you got it started off on the right foot by getting in here! If not make sure you come in today and get some work done!

We all know the benchmark “Diane”. Most of you have probably done it a time or two, and if you did the open this last year you had to do it for one of the open workouts! Well today we get a taste of Diane, but with a twist. This will most likely slow you guys down. If you know your Diane time, doing it this way will probably be slower. But that’s okay! Variance is a good thing. Routine is the enemy, and leads to less adaptations. Not saying that Diane is a bad workout, because it’s not! But sometimes is nice to mix it up instead of always doing 21-15-9.

My suggestion to you for today is to go for it if you feel up to the task. If you struggle with these movements or with hspu, then break them up early and often. DO NOT go to failure. Once hspu are gone, they are gone forever, so be smart!

TUESDAY 7/3/18

For time:
45 Deadlift 225/155
*13 min cap

5 sets:
10 Single Arm Row/Side
20yd Single Arm OH Carry/Side
*Both AHAP