Try something new

The video below might help some of you guys out that might tend to struggle with chest to bar pullups. Especially when it comes to doing them butterfly, people really tend to struggle so it’s worth a watch.

Today’s workout is extra special. Not only is it 20 minutes, but the rep scheme is very doable unbroken. So the question to ask yourself is, do you know how to pace? If people can do these movements unbroken, then it comes down to how well you know yourself. Is 1 round every 2 minutes doable for you? Can you go faster? Do you need to go slower? Can you hang on to unbroken sets or will it murder you? You should know these answers, and if you don’t guess what! You need to experiment more! That’s what training is for. Stop obsessing over the leaderboard. Who cares if you go slower than the person next to you or you’re not top 5. The point of training is to know yourself better and continue to progress. And believe it or not, progress doesn’t always mean the fastest times on the board.

If you move fast but you move like garbage, injury is headed your way, or you’ll plateau and won’t see many results. The only one who cares about your score is you. So don’t be afraid to play around with ideas. If you’re the person who always goes unbroken on low rep schemes, mix it up. Break it up and go as fast as you can. Or vice versa. Learn about yourself, know what you can and can’t handle. It’s all about experimenting to see what works best, and it’s all an adaptation. Doing something different than you normally do will stimulate your body differently as well. So have fun, play around, try something new!

TUESDAY 7/10/18

5 C2b
10 Wallball 20/14
15 KBS 53/35