Tire Flips! Might get a bit dirty!

Hopefully you guys are enjoying some of these partner workouts. Today we have another on the menu for you guys! But this is not your everyday crossfit workout. Today we get to play around with some odd objects, which I hope you guys like!

I don’t know how many of you have played around with tires, if not I would highly suggest watching the video below to help you out! Your coach will help you as well but you can never know too much! We’ve played around with sleds a bit and some other strongman implements so this should make it a little more interesting. Hopefully you guys enjoy it! Have fun!

As far as strategy for this workout, I would suggest doing smaller rep schemes. Move really really really fast and then let your partners do some workout. Keep the intensity high. Maybe not even stick to a set number, just go until you start to slow down. Nobody wants to be that person taking forever on a certain movement. If you have it in the back go for it! If not rely on your partners to help you out, that’s why they are there!

THURSDAY 7/12/18

Teams of 3-5
For max reps at each station:
5:00 Rope Climb
5:00 Calorie Row
5:00 Sled Push 180/120 (20yd = 1 rep)
5:00 Tire Flips
5:00 Strict HSPU