It’s about that time!


This Thursday (8/2) is Bring a Friend Day, all classes are free to try! Invite someone you know and come have some fun!

It’s about that time for the 2018 CrossFit Games to kick off! Who do you think has it this year? More and more info is coming out about events which makes it more and more exciting! Should be a good time to watch and see these amazing athletes go through this brutal test of fitness.

This time of year people are super motivated to work hard in the gym. They see these amazing performances and get inspired to work harder than they ever have before. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing at all! The only bad thing is that it tends to wear off. Over time people get tired of working that hard and start to not show up as much or not put in the time or whatever it may be. My challenge for you is that if you get inspired, make some goals that will keep you moving forward. Now they don’t have to be some crazy goals, but small goals equal big goals over time. You have your whole life to improve, so there is no need to be rushing the process. Make goals that you’ll reach, and maybe 1 or 2 that might be out of reach. No harm to foul if you don’t get to them, that will come in due time. But use this motivation/inspiration to help you get the results and outcome you want for yourself!

TUESDAY 7/31/18

For time:
400m Run
50 Pullups
400m Run
50 Pushups
400m Run
50 Abmat Sit ups
400m Run
50 Air Squats
*25 min cap