Day 1 is here!



This Thursday (8/2) is Bring a Friend Day, all classes are free to try! Invite someone you know and come have some fun!

Well it is officially the 2018 CrossFit Games! Wednesday is the first day of competition! If you haven’t seen what the workouts are you can take a look below. Talk about a brutal day one! The marathon row alone would just be awful, between boredom and butt pain it’s a toss up as to what would be worse!

But maybe you guys have some guesses on who is going to be at the top of the podium? Any repeats, some dark horses going to win? What’s your guess? Maybe you’ll see something that might give you some motivation, not a bad thing at all! We expect this week and next week for you guys to attack it hard, since you might be inspired 😉

Day 1


20 EMOM:
1) 3 Push Jerk
2) 3 Deadlift
*Can build as you go. Goal is to find the heaviest 3 rep at both movements. Partner up and share same bar’s. 1 person can start at each station. Must be touch n’ go on both movements