This year the best year?

Have you guys been watching the CrossFit Games? Are you loving it or nah? Better than previous years or are the old days better? Hopefully you’ve been able to watch a couple things and seen some pretty awesome performances. No, you’re not obsessed if you want to watch it. It just means you like to see people do amazing things, things that some might say are unheard of or impossible. I’d say that’s worth taking a watch!

Do you think this guy below has a chance to win? Do you hope he does or do you love Fraser? Either way kind of fun to watch and see the process. And who knows might help you push hard for a coaches choice today? Either way enjoy that the weekend is here! Spend time with the ones you care about and use your fitness outside! Enjoy the weekend!

FRIDAY 8/3/18

Hang Squat Clean 135/95
*15 min cap

5 sets:
20-25 Banded Good Morning
20-30 Banded Tricep Extensions

Coaches Choice!