• Saturday, August 18th is Wasatch CrossFit Lake Day at Pineview. All are welcome to come. Bring Family, friends and whoever else you want to bring. It will be a great time! More info to come but mark it on your calendars!

Well just like that the 2018 CrossFit Games have come to a close. Are you happy with the results? Not so happy? How did your favorite athlete or “crush” do? Are you motivated to work hard this coming Monday?

Seeing people do amazing things makes you want to be amazing so hopefully this coming Monday you are fired up for some training! Something you’ll be doing today is stuff that those games athletes do all the time. It’s stuff that doesn’t look that fun or sexy. Basically grunt work. Just have to grind away. Most people don’t like to do this because it’s not fun, which can be true at times. But it produces great results! And guess what, sometimes life isn’t that fun so it’s okay to do some not so fun things because that’s just like life! Take the good with the bad!

MONDAY 8/6/18

100 Dubs
27 Burpee
27 C2b
*Rest 4:00*
75 Dubs
21 Burpee
21 T2b
*Rest 4:00*
50 Dubs
15 Burpee
15 Pulups
**Score is total reps