Another year, same winners


  • Saturday, August 18th is Wasatch CrossFit Lake Day at Pineview. All are welcome to come. Bring Family, friends and whoever else you want to bring. It will be a great time! More info to come but mark it on your calendars!

Well what a shock the winners are the exact same as last year. This year wasn’t nearly as intense, with the last workout coming down to a seconds. But we did see a tie so I guess that made it a bit interesting? Either way just like that the season is over! Always fun to see the new elements brought out for these games athletes and to see how truly amazing they are. Which event was your favorite? Maybe the highlight video will help you with any action you missed!

TUESDAY 8/7/18

3 rounds for time:
100m run
20 DB push press (10/side)
100m run
2 Rope Climb
*50/35 DB
**14 Min Cap

3-4 sets:
10 Barbell Bent Over Row
20yd Single Arm Front Rack Carry/Side
10 Bottoms Up KB Press/Side
20yd Single Arm Farmer Carry/Side