Obese to Beast


  • Saturday, August 18th is Wasatch CrossFit Lake Day at Pineview. All are welcome to come. Bring Family, friends and whoever else you want to bring. It will be a great time! More info to come but mark it on your calendars!

I know I’ve posted the podcast that CrossFit HQ did with this guy. But even if you do know the story the video is worth the watch! It’s pretty much the world we live in that people want everything right here and now. Most people aren’t willing to put in the work and sacrifice to get the end goal they want. But this is a perfect example. He put in the hard work, cut out the bad diet, sacrificed things he was use to having (fast food, soda, etc) and look at the amazing results he got.

The same can be said for anyone who wants to achieve something. You have to do the same exact thing. Put in the work and make the sacrifices. You just have to ask yourself if the sacrifices are worth what you want to achieve. And will this end goal make you happy, or is it just a quick pleasure??


5 Thruster 95/65
7 Hang Power Clean