Look familiar


  • Saturday, August 18th is Wasatch CrossFit Lake Day at Pineview. All are welcome to come. Bring Family, friends and whoever else you want to bring. It will be a great time! More info to come but mark it on your calendars!

If any of you paid attention to Regionals this year then i’m sure the movement you see in today’s workout looks familiar. It’s pretty brutal that’s for sure. They may be some small skill involved with it, but most of it is just grunt work. How much are you willing to suffer? And if you haven’t noticed by now, Dave Castro loves dumbbells, and since he programs every stage there is, I’d say it’s okay to have dumbbells in twice in one week don’t you think??


For time:
1000m Row
20 DB Box Step Over 24/20 (50/35 each hand)
*15 Min Cap

Gymnastic Strength
3-5 sets:
3-5 Muscle Ups
:30 L-sit