Upside down

How was the holiday? Hopefully you were able to get away and have some fun! Whether that was creating some memories with family and friends or whether that meant chillin and doing nothing at home! Sometimes you just gotta listen to the body and do what it says!

Well today we get some fun going upside down, and also getting some lunging going on! These seem to be pretty common in the open the past few years, so why wouldn’t we be practicing them? Sometimes with the program they’re trying to tell people what to be working on, and sometimes people just refuse to listen!

Maybe the video might help you work on the some handstand walking. I know this video helped me years ago!

TUESDAY 9/4/18

50′ DB OH Lunge (RA)
20 T2b
50′ DB OH Lunge (LA)
10 Burpee over DB

Gymnastic Strength
5 sets:
10-15 Strict Pullup
25-50′ HS walk