Gonna Get Heavy!


  • This Thursday is bring a friend day! All classes are free to try. Invite someone to come have some fun!

Today we get to test your strength, but you have to earn it. This seems to be the typical way in CrossFit. No one cares how strong you are, they care how strong you are when you’re tired.

So, since you are tired, that means you have to rely on mechanics to get you through the workout. That means hopefully we have some good mechanics! Most of us do fine when it’s lighter, but as it gets heavier we tend to struggle. Maybe come up with some cue’s that can help you when you start to struggle with technique. Below are some ideas, but it is all personal preference. It shouldn’t be anything long. Something quick and to the point will help you! It’s a fast movement, meaning you can’t think of everything and expect to do it right! One cue and then get after it! How far can you get??


15 clean and jerk 135/95
rest 1:00
15 clean and jerk 155/105
rest 1:00
15 clean and jerk 185/125
rest 1:00
15 clean and jerk 225/155
rest 1:00
15 clean and jerk 245/165
rest 1:00
15 clean and jerk 265/175