The Muscle up

The muscle up tends to be an achilles heel for a lot of people. Because not only do you need some strength, you need transition skill as well. Couple of things to think about:
1- Stick your nose as far over the rings as possible
2- Drive your elbows from down in front of you to up and behind you
3- Keep the rings as close to your body as possible
4- Tighten your gut
5- Have the meat of the thumb trace a line from collarbone to armpit, just above the nipple

If some of this stuff doesn’t make sense the video below should be able to help out! Crazy enough I see so many people do this when it comes to low ring work. Or people just seem not to care because they’re not strong enough yet so the don’t worry about low ring work. But just think if you’d have been snatching with a PVC pipe when you were younger for years and years, how much easier would it be to snatch weight now that you’ve done good technique for so long? The point is you should have the same mentality for gymnastics as well!

MONDAY 9/10/18

For time:
10 Muscle Up
100 Dubs
20 Squat Snatch 135/95
100 Dubs
10 Muscle Up
*17 Min Cap