Those Ankles

This warm up might be good to add in today since we’ll be doing some squatting. Most people think hips for squatting if they feel tight. Ankles also play an important role in the squat. The more ankle range of motion you have or the further your knee can track in front of your toe, the more upright you are in the squat. Imagine trying to squat in ski boots, chances are you’re going to be bending over quite a bit to make it happen.

If you know you’re one of the stiffer ones then this might be a warm up you should add in. You can also do the assessment with the box to see how close you are. Might be something to try and see where you’re out. Maybe even if you don’t feel stiff in the squat, it might help improve performance, so it’s worth a shot eh??


Teams of 2
5-10-15 Thruster 135/95
1-2-3 Rope Climb
*Partner 1 will do 5/1. Partner 2 will do 5/1 and so on. Once both partners have completed 15/3 they will start back at 5/1

Gymnastic Strength
10-8-6-4-2 x 2-3 sets:
Strict Ring Dip
Ring Row (Feet on box)