Coaches Choice!

Friday is here, another week has past. How did this week go? Ask yourself this question, “are you better this week than last week?”.

This can be asked about the gym, but outside the gym as well. Did you spend time with family, loved ones, significant other? Or did you watch a bunch of netflix and chill on instagram? The goal is to always be improving. The old saying of you are the 5 people you surround yourself with. Do you want to be the person nobody wants to surround themselves with? Or do you want to be the person everyone wants to look up to and become??

With that being said, enjoy your weekend! Do something fun. Spend time with family, friends, loved ones. Go outside, put the phone away, avoid the TV. Don’t be boring, nobody likes boring people. So get out and have some fun!

FRIDAY 9/14/18

For time:
40 T2b
50 Pullups
*15 Min Cap

50-75 GHD Sit ups
75-100 Banded Good Morning
100-150 Banded Tricep Extensions

Coaches Choice!