Tires and bench oh my!

Today should hopefully be some fun for you guys! We have some odd objects and some strict movements we get to play with today! Normally this kind of stuff is done for accessory or just gymnastic work so it’s nice to mix it in every now and then and see how you guys do under fatigue! Some of this will be pretty easy for some of you, and others might struggle. For the difference in each, you can attack the workout a different way. If you’re good at this stuff, then go hard and try and hold on. Recover while your partner(s) go and then attack again. If you struggle with this stuff, then hit reps you can keep hitting, and use the time while your partner(s) are working to recover so you can hit those numbers again.

THURSDAY 9/20/18

Teams of 2-3
2 rounds for max reps:
2:00 Bench Press 135/95
2:00 Tire Flips
2:00 Strict Pullups
2:00 Sled Push 180/120 (5yd = 1 rep)
2:00 Strict HSPU
*Rest 2:00 between rounds