The Other Total


Today we get to play around with some strength once again. So most would probably agree that the “Crossfit Total” (back squat, strict press, deadlift) is what we would call more raw strength. Not much of what we would call “speed lifts” like olympic lifting movements. And not much that requires any sort of complex mobility (snatch, OHS, front squat, squat clean, etc).

So for today we get to play around with some of these types of movements. Most call this the “Other Total”. But you could also make a statement this is more of the type of a crossfit total than the actually crossfit total. Meaning these types of movements require strength, but they also require speed strength for the olympic lifting movements as well as some good mobility and technique. Getting a good total on these, you could make an argument they are more “well rounded” for crossfit then just doing the total which doesn’t have as many complex movements. Either way it should be fun to see what you guys got!

MONDAY 9/24/18

“Other Total”
15 Minutes at each station
Clean 1 RM
Bench Press 1 RM