Bar Muscle Up


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We played around with the ring muscle up last week. Today we get to play around with the bar muscle up. Most people tend to have a better time with the bar muscle up than the ring muscle up. Some claim it’s easier, others say it’s more difficult. The mechanics stay the same as with any muscle up. You use the same kip as you would for a pullup/t2b/k2e, etc. The kip might be a little bigger, but it’s all about using positions to make it easier. The video below might help you think a bit differently than normal. Notice how he starts out with the most basic positions. The hollow and the arch. Which is your kip. It’s not rocket science, if the basics are garbage, then it makes the movement much harder. Just how you learned how to walk before you ran, you have to learn the basics first. So maybe you should take a bigger look and think if you’re messing up the muscle up that it isn’t just strength or a harder kip, you might need to look at the basics and perfect them before moving on??

MONDAY 10/1/18

Gymnastic Strength
30-40 Strict Pullup
30-40 Strict Ring Dip

5 rounds for time:
6 Burpee Box Jump Over 30/24
3 Power Clean 185/120 **205/135
3 Bar Muscle Ups
*12 Min Cap