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Goals. You hear all these people talk about goals. When they talk about goals they talk about how they need to be measurable, attainable, etc. You need a goal that is controlled by you, and that you can measure and attain. You’ll see goals like “I want to lose weight”. Great goal, it’s measurable by seeing how much weight you’ve gained/lost, and it’s attainable, but how do you go about losing weight? You have to have some idea of how it’s going to happen. Maybe it happens by not drinking soda during the week. Maybe it’s by only 1 cheat meal per week, etc. You need to be specific when you think about goals. Remember a bucket of water fills drip by drip. Goals are the same. Small goals equal big goals, they just take time. You can’t expect to squat 400# without first squatting 300# and then 350#. Same with a pullup, you can do 10 pullups in a row until you’ve done 5 in a row. You get the idea here. So think deeply, what do you want to work on? The open is just around the corner, what hung you up last year? Maybe the video below can help out.



For time:
400 m run/21 KBS 53/35
200 m run/15 KBS
100 m run/9 KBS
200 m run/15 KBS
400 m run/21 KBS
*15 Min Cap