Split Jerk

The split jerk. We don’t do it a lot, but we do it every now and then. This is generally the jerk you go to when you are trying to find a max in the clean and jerk. But since we do it so rarely, people tend to really struggle with this movement. Just like any other olympic lifting movement, it’s hard to force yourself to get underneath the bar. It’s also hard to convince yourself to drive underneath that heavy barbell.

Today we want to focus on moving well. Obviously if a PR is there then we go for it, of course! But what we need to understand is movement quality. It’s not impressive lifting a PR is you looked like you were going to break your back in the process. Is the risk worth the reward? What people tend to forget about is movement quality. If you learn to move better, you tend to never really hit a ceiling on your lifts. It may be slow progress, but it’s progress for years and years. If you move like trash, you find out that you hit a ceiling pretty fast, and then you have to relearn your bad habits! Nobody wants to do that, so focus on moving well today!

WEDNESDAY 10/10/18

Split Jerk

Hang Power Clean 115/80
*15 Min Cap