Lifeguards and Swim Coaches

Pretty awesome story going on. Seeing this more and more everyday with CrossFit. Greg Glassman talks about how CrossFit gyms and coaches are what he would call “Swim Coaches”. He says “Physicians are lifeguards. Trainers are swim coaches. When you need a lifeguard, you need a lifeguard, not a swim coach. But, if you need a lifeguard, you probably needed a swim coach and didn’t get one.”

Meaning that if you go into a CrossFit gym, and start doing CrossFit. You do functional movements, you eat a healthy diet, you get enough sleep, and you can avoid a lot of diseases and sickness. If you don’t do any of those things, you might end up getting sick and you will need to go to a doctor (Lifeguard). Not that it’s a bad thing to have to go to the doctor, but maybe you could have avoided it by learning how to swim (doing CrossFit, eating healthy, etc).

THURSDAY 10/11/18

Gymnastic Strength
3-5 sets:
2 Legless Rope Climb
*25-50′ HS Walk between sets

For time:
500m Row
150 Double Unders
50 Burpees
*10 Min Cap