Muscle Up Fails


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If you watch the video below you’ll see a bunch of fails on the muscle ups. If you know what to look for, you might see what is pretty common in a gym setting. If you watch, notice where the rings on located on their body when they try to “turnover” or get over the rings. Most of the rings are at their shoulders or barely below the shoulders.

The reason they keep failing is because they’re not pulling the rings low enough. This could be because of strength, their just not strong enough to pull that deep. Or, it could be technique issue and they’ve just created a bad habit of pulling early.

The reason i’m posting this is for you to see the problems and understand what some of you might be doing and why you aren’t getting a muscle up. That way you can understand what you’re doing, sometimes it’s hard to understand if you can’t see it. So watch the video, watch it twice if you need to. Just notice what they’re doing wrong so you don’t have that problem when it comes to you!

TUESDAY 10/16/18

3 Muscle Up
6 Box Jump 30/24
9 Kettlebell Swing 70/53

2-3 sets:
100m Left Arm Farmer Carry, Right Arm Front Rack
100m Right Arm Farmer Carry, Left Arm Front Rack
*1 Kettlebell in each hand