Halloween party is Monday Oct. 29th at 6 pm. Bring chili and/or cornbread for a cook off! Prizes for chili, cornbread and costumes! Bring the whole family! Be there or be square!
This Thursday is Bring a Friend Day. All classes are free to try!

Don’t forget that the Halloween party is tonight! 6 PM is when the fun will be starting. The only PM class that will happen is the 4:30 class. So if you want to workout plan accordingly! But if you are usually a PM gym goer, you should be showing up to this party. It’s not like you’re doing anything else right? And if you don’t dress up we have the authority to kick you out. Don’t think we won’t!

Show up, have a good time, eat some good food, talk to some great people. Bring the whole family, dress up and have some fun. Don’t be boring, boring people are literally the worst. And do you want to be the worst? I wouldn’t think so, so show up!

MONDAY 10/29/18

5 rounds for max reps:
Max Reps Unbroken Bench Press 195/130
Max Reps Unbroken Strict Pullups
Max Reps Unbroken Front Squat 195/130
*Perform 1 round every 6:00. Score is total reps. Front squats will be from the ground.