Bring A Friend Day


This Thursday is Bring a Friend Day. All classes are free to try!

Today is Bring a Friend Day. Hopefully we can see some new people showing up today. We love to meet them, and today is a perfect day for them. We tailor these workouts to make the movements less complex to help those that are new. So invite some new people to come have some fun!

If you see someone you don’t know, don’t be a stranger, say hi to them, introduce yourselves and get to know them. Heck, maybe even team up with someone you don’t know instead of a partner you do know! Mix it up a bit.

THURSDAY 11/1/18

Bring a Friend Day
Teams of 2
For time:
100/70 Calorie Row
200 Double Unders (100 Hops)
100 Front Rack Walking Lunge Steps 53/35
200 Double Unders
100/70 Calorie Row
*30 Min Cap