Freakin’ Friday!

Leaving the office Friday like…

Friday is finally here! Like we say every Friday, hopefully you have something fun planned for the weekend. Maybe fun to you is just hanging out at home with a significant other. Or maybe it’s partying with friends, whatever it is, get away from the gym. Have some fun, don’t be boring, try something new. You only live once!

If you hit today’s workout some things to think about with the video below. CrossFit is different than any other sport with the fact that we want to be good at everything. And sometimes being good at everything means you have to have different “technique’s” to movements. Something that might be faster, something for heavier loads, etc. Today is no different. Touch and go reps and the set up is much different than doing something that is just a 1 rep max. If you don’t know the difference you need to learn the difference. This can help make it much easier with these type of movements, as far as cycling and adding more weight to a lift.

FRIDAY 11/2/18

Power Clean
Build to a heavy 3 rep in 15 Minutes

3 T2b, 3 Power Clean 135/95
6 T2b, 6 Power Clean
9 T2b, 9 Power Clean
*Continue to add 3 reps to each movement every round.

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